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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Black Hawk Adventures: Be Present In Every Photo with Tripod Multi-tool

Tired of Bringing Big Tripods on camping Trips?  Tripod Multi-tool is the Best Gadget for you.

First things first, why do you go on camping?  Is camping really fun?  The outdoor is a great experience to anyone.  The adventure of living in the outdoors makes camping fun for everyone.  Camping is an escape of the hustle and bustle of the busy life in the city.  The nature and fresh air in addition to great sceneries can satisfy anyone.

Although camping is such a common word, everyone was to hear it in some point of their life but what is camping exactly?  Camping is an act of spending time in the outside; it is an outdoor recreation activity.  Campers would pack their essentials, travel the wilderness, and camp overnight or for several days.  It is basically spending time in the other shelter, preparing meals by cooking over a campfire and sleeping without your beds.

So why is camping fun again?  Aside from what nature can offer, camping is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends, have fun with your kids while you get the same fun as they do with no destructions from the modern world.  You can do a lot of things while you are in camping outdoors like fishing, hiking, swimming, biking, and canoeing.

Everyone in the world are so much into taking pictures more especially in moments like camping with the family an friends.  The dilemma is, bringing a big tripod with you would cause you more hassle but if you wont bring it, chances are, you would be the camera person as a result you are absent in every picture.

Tripod Multi-tool is the best gadget for you.  A camera-friendly multi-tool that functions as multi purpose tool and a tripod called Steady.  Costing only $65, Gerber has done a very nice job on this one.  Tiny arms fold out from the handle to offer the tripod’s three legs of support. Form the knife blades to driver heads and all the other components of the multi-tool are all made of stainless steal.

Built for campers and adventurers, Steady can hold digital cameras up to 340 grams and smart phones up to 170 grams.  This tool has 12 different components that are most essential to campers and even at home.  All these in one tool with rubberize coating.

The steady features:
Overall length: 6”
Closed length: 4”
Weight: 5.8 oz.
Steel type: 420j2 Stainless
Max Phone/Camera Weight: 170 grams/340 grams
12 components
Tripod Functionality
Camera/Cell Phone Mount
Cell Phone Attachment
Fine Edge Blade
Serrated Blade
Micro Flat, Square Cross & medium Flat Screwdrivers
Bottle Opener
Needlenose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Stainless Steel Components
Rubberized Coating

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Black Hawk Adventure: KOREA: Best Place to Camp

Korean Government does not particularly promote camping in Korea but surely campers will enjoy Korea more than any other camping experiences they had.  National parks are the best bet for recreational camping in natural areas, but campgrounds in tourist areas such as Seoul are available.

Campsites sprout in almost all major cities in Korea, they have set their own camping resort with of course support from the central government.  Every campsite differs from each other, some are better even so camping facilities are considered a good alternative for Korea, where there is less accommodation provision outside of the city.

Travelling in Seoul can get a little airless sometimes since one-fifth of the population of Korea resides in the mega city.   If you are more of a nature lover type, there are a number of venues nestled inside and outside of Seoul that provide a quieter yet equally exciting alternative to city thrill.  Campers are sure tired of the city that is why they are enthusiastic of the thought of camping so that they may be able to enjoy the cool, calm and lush of nature.  Camping gives a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast forward city life.

If you are not so much of a fun of camping you must try camping in Korea.  Camping in Korea is one of the best ways to see the many stunning things life can offer.  Beautiful national and provincial parks scattered throughout the country will satisfy your picky taste buds for fun.  They present beautiful settings, cultural sites, hiking trails and other attractions. These parks are well run with a developed infrastructure and well-appointed campgrounds, several offering tents and mattresses for hire.  There may be amusement parks, playgrounds, swimming and sports available on the premises or nearby.  These campgrounds usually have tents and bedding as well as restaurants and shops and often have hot water and electricity.
And the most fun part is many of these parks offer campgrounds with full utilities for as low as 3,000 won per night, family fun adventure for less.

Unfortunately not all throughout the year these campsites will be available, most campgrounds are close during winter.  Booking is a must more especially during peak season, form late July to August; it’s first come-, first-serve basis.

There are also private campgrounds, Gangwon province has a number of campgrounds as choices.  The Songjiho Auto Camping Resort is open April to November with 90 tent sites. Reservations are recommended. Shaded sites are available at Solsum Camping.  The Mangsang Auto Camping Resort for caravans and tents is near the sandy Mangsang Beach and has a cafeteria, playground and laundry; caravans — recreational vehicles — and cabins are available for rent.  Gyeonggi Province is home to Jara Island’s Jarasum Campground and Bandi Camping in Paju and Nanji Camp in Sangam-dong.

The best part about camping is you got to go back to basics and enjoy life as it is.  You have to start from scratch.  You can go back to being kids when you were just playing house, while you enjoy the scenery and the sense of being in the wild.  It can be very thrilling and you can have the change to experience new thing every after camping trips.