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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Outdoor Adventures in Thailand

Do I have to tell you why Thailand, well then let me give you reasons why you of all countries will enjoy this country if you love outdoors!

Have you tried caving, if not then try it in Thailand.  Get inside of Thailand literally by exploring ancient caves and tremendous caverns like those in the Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son Province.  Dare and see the underground and discover wildlife, history and geology, it’s a caving venture you will never forget.  Caves like Cave Lodge have expert guides.  Expert guides will escort you so you need not to worry, they will lead you through geologic labyrinths, vertical caves and collapsed caves.  For additional thrill and blood rushing, your journey comes along with forest hikes or rafting to see even more of the Thai landscape.

For animal lover and wild life enthusiasts out there, we are sure that you will enjoy Jungle Trekking in the wilds of Thailand by hitting the unmarked trails.  To make the most out of your trip, try at least a 3-day trek to see mountain ridges, rainforests and experience camping in the beautiful Thai wilderness.

Elephant Riding, sounds like fun, yes it is!  This will be a whole new experience that you shouldn’t ever miss, taking an elephant ride through local Thai villages and surrounding forests.  Miss it and it will feel like you have never gone to Thailand at all.  

Rock climbing or repelling are everywhere now and you find it ordinary.  Then you must try number 7, Waterfall Abseiling, throw in the force of a waterfall, and now you're talking adventure.  Repel down Thailand's beautiful and powerful waterfalls.  You'll feel your heart in your chest as you lean over the edge of a 35-foot waterfall and the ground slowly slips beneath your feet.

Whitewater Rafting is something new to Thai tourist market but whitewater rafting is quickly being added to many adventure trek itineraries.  Rush the rapids in Southern Thailand's Phang Na province, and you're assured an exciting ride.

Mountain Biking, maybe you are asking what is so special about it because you can probably do it anywhere but here this.  Mountain biking is tremendously trendy in this country and there are a lot of different tours from.  Add to the thrill, you can travel around the city at night.  Explore the lively Bangkok City on a 3-hour bike tour; the ride ends somewhat early, so you can enjoy the town once you've turned in your bike. 

Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking are the best in Thailand!  Explore reefs or get lost in the blue during an open-water dive.   Go to Phang-Nga for Snorkiling experience and you'll peacefully roam the underwater beauty of Similan and Surin Marine National Islands. 

Zip Lining, travel from the sea to the sky.  This adventure takes you through the canopies of the Chiang Mai rainforests. You'll ride in your single-person swing and cruise a cable suspended through the 1500-year old Thai rainforest.

Skydiving, well who doesn’t know how this amazingly scary experience is.  it is thrill that you seek then inject your vacation with pure adrenaline with this extreme experience.  So jump ahead and experience a thrill of a lifetime!

Why it is More Fun to Shoot Video than Taking Still Pictures

 It is nice to take pictures but there are moments that pictures cannot tell but videos can.  Videos can make someone feel like they were there also.  While photograph can last forever, you can go back to those moments watching and re-watching those precious moments.  "While pictures can be flat, video brings life to your experiences," says Laurel House, who videoblogs about travel, fitness, and more at QuickieChick

"With video, you can share your adventures -- and relive them again when you come home," he added.

You do not need fancy equipments to capture the moments on video, you phone will do or there are quality and affordable camcorders available in the market.  And worried about video editing, you do not have to do it or there is Windows Live Movie Maker that is so much easy to learn.  Therefore there are no excuses!

Now let us learn how to get you going. Video recoding isn’t really hard; here are the ways to do so.  Get personal. Try adding narrations, wouldn’t it be boring if your video is a bunch of sequence photos like.  Plus, the people who are going to watch your videos will get as much excitement as you were during your travel.  They will understand what the shots are and what the experience meant to you.  And remember to sound natural, scripted is boring!  If you want to be in the video, do not appear stiff and cold, be natural, act natural.  Smile and laugh but never fake it!

Entertain and tell a story, who would want to watch a video that has no sequence and with a singles shot. Capture every detail and reactions of the people so that when you go back you will feel the same happiness.  I did not say join a competition for your video but it could have at least a beginning, middle, and end.

Keep your videos short, because no matter how interesting your video looks like audience will become antsy just stay snappy and stick to a single subject.

Focus on moments and experiences that are actually fun and fun to watch, skip the non sense, you would want to waste time viewing it.

Your travel video will stand out if you fit in the same simple tricks that you'd use if you were taking a still photo so borrow some photography tricks.  Remember to keep the camcorder still while filming.  "Your video will be 100 times better if the image is not shaky," says Cailin O'Neil, who videoblogs at Cailin Travels Cailin also recommends shooting away from the sun to prevent glare and silhouetting.

Always check the audio, and use your ears. Nothing is worse than a video where you can't hear the person talking. "What makes video unique from photos is that people can actually hear the ambience of a place," O'Neil says.  Record you film or video in a location where you're protected from the wind.  However, pick up some modest street or nature sounds while you push record.

"No one likes the way they look on camera, so don't judge yourself," says House of "So don't stress too much -- and have fun."  So loosen up and enjoy!