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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

About Black Hawk Adventures

Black Hawk Adventures is the ideal place to go to whether you're planning for a trail hike or just plain camping. We offer lots of information to help you in prepping for the trip and in deciding what essentials to bring with you. (Though we're not going to endorse where to buy your outdoor gear, like BlackHawk, we'll give you honest recommendations for really demanding outdoor trips).
This blog aims to equip ordinary people with the necessary mindset and provisions when setting out on a trip that will require staying and sleeping outside. Having the necessary knowledge is not only crucial for survival but also for the preservation of the places you'll be visiting. (For instance, learning of the basic do's and dont's in a trail park can possibly help you avoid getting arrested for littering.)
We make consultation less of a pain for you. Black Hawk Adventures believes that exploration is a good way of appreciating nature and developing a sense of protectiveness for the wildlife. 

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